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Eat. Treat. Repeat

Sustainable, Organic, Vegan Cuisine

Black Forest
Banoffee slice

Knowing how

The world is constantly evolving and what we have today is the fruit of ideas emerging from the past. We all need ideas. They fuel us. They nourish our soul. They make us who we are. With actions, ideas become concepts and finally, become reality.

At HOW, we want our ideas, our actions, and our concepts to nourish your mind, your body and your soul.

The delicious treats available on this website have been created with organic, vegan and wholesome ingredients.
We aim to have the most bioavailable nutrients for your body so we focus on raw ingredients, reducing the amount of processed sugar and processed ingredients to its minimum, so that you only get what you need.

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Valued Partnerships


Natural Organic Mindful Sustainable

Organic Store

Organic paradise at the heart of Phibsborough, Noms has been very supportive from the beginning. We are very happy to help them in their journey for sustainability!

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