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From pizzas to nutrition and vegan treats

Who would have guessed it right? A former Pizza Chef now studying nutrition and devoted to vegan treats. If we think back however, you will see that it actually makes sense. Here is the story of how HOW© came to life.

At 18 years old, hungry to discover what the world had to offer, I started working in season as a Pizza Chef for different restaurants in France. Although I was happy to discover many places and people, I still had this idea of having my own business reconciling health and nutrition while respecting the Planet. This idea kept growing at the back of my mind for 7 years while I was accumulating experience and knowledge. I was waiting for the need to come.


The turning point? My arrival in Ireland... I worked in two places in Dublin and I could feel this need for more health and sustainability in food. People would come everyday and ask for more vegan and vegetarian options. Also asking if our cups and containers were compostable, or if our food was organic. At the same time, lots of runners would come after their morning runs. As a runner myself, I knew exactly how you feel after all these kilometers: you feel nicely drained and you need proteins... That was it! The same day I looked for nutrition schools in Dublin and two weeks later I registered for a three-years course in nutrition including one year of biomedicine. Eight months later, I was launching HOW©.

HOW© is not only my story, it is yours as well. It came from your needs and it will grow with you. Give us feedback, ask for more, HOW© will always answer. This is just a start, an attempt to write our common book on how food can heal you while having fun eating it and protecting the Planet. I am confident in this new story because, deep down, we are all amazing writers.

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