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Season Greetings !!

A warm welcome to all of our much loved customers!

My partner and I will be going abroad from the 12th of November until the 4th of December 2021.

Unfortunately, all orders will have to wait for our return. :(

We are going to see our family in France and we hope to return with many new recipes from Lyon and Toulouse.

We hope to bring back the secret of the ''Coussin de Lyon'' (translates to Lion's pillow). Which is a gorgeous chocolate and almond frangipane, very famous in Lyon.

We also would like to taste many different types of mousse, notably the raspberry mousse, which is quite popular in the South of France. Once we have found the taste that we are looking for, we will then save it into our taste bud memory and do our outmost best to find a vegan alternative so that everyone can enjoy it, the way it was meant to. Don't hesitate to place orders in for December, as we will probably be in high demand for the Christmas season. We look forward to seeing a mountain of orders upon our return and we hope to see you soon Love,


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